National Register of Accredited Landlords

National Recognition for ALL accreditation schemes.

The National Register was launched as a voluntary database for accredited landlords – no matter what scheme they’re accredited with – in one easy location.

The National Register of Accredited Landlords is an online facility where anyone can verify whether a landlord is:

  • An NLA Full Member
  • An NLA Accredited Member.

The register also verifies if a landlord has logged accreditation with any other organisation or accreditation scheme on their profile – landlords can log multiple accreditation schemes if relevant. To discover how the National Register of Accredited Landlords benefits local authorities, click here.

To learn about membership incentives, click here.

Help us develop

To realise the full benefits of this facility, we’re eager to work with councils who can help us to develop and grow the register by:

  • Encouraging your landlords to register their accreditation
  • Verifying your local landlords’ membership of your own accreditation scheme

If you’d like to talk to someone about verifying landlords accredited on your scheme, contact Renee Young on 020 7840 8905 or by email.

Verify a Landlord Now (You will need their surname and their NLA member or associate number)