NLA Accreditation

What is NLA Accreditation?

NLA Accreditation is a national scheme put in place to promote recognition of landlords who consistently demonstrate a professional standard of management. Based solely on best management practices, an NLA Accreditation landlord certificate certifies the credibility and competency of landlords. NLA Accreditation offers assurance to tenants and local authorities alike - not to mention other landlords.

How do I become a landlord with NLA accreditation and receive my landlord certificate?

There are three ways that you can become an NLA Accredited landlord:

  1. Complete our one-day, attendance-based NLA foundation course.
    Our courses are facilitated across the UK. Find your nearest course here.
  2. Complete the 'CORE' subjects in the NLA Online Library.
    Find out more here.
  3. Passport your accreditation from another landlord development-based scheme.
    You'll need to download and sign the scheme rules document and provide proof that you're a member of a development-based scheme that follows the same syllabus as the NLA - this can be in the form of your accredited landlord certificate.
    You can email a scanned copy of the scheme rules document to, or post it to us at:

    NLA Accreditation
    2nd Floor, Skyline House
    200 Union Street
    SE1 0LX

How do I keep my development up to date (CPD)?

  • Attend any UK NLA branch meetings (attendance is free) • Attend any landlord-based events, such as those hosted by local authorities
  • Attend landlord training events, including those hosted by other landlord associations and local authorities
  • Complete any of the subjects that are available on the NLA Online Library for free. (These are automatically recorded to your CPD)
  • Read journals - e.g. our Property Magazine counts as 2 hours of CPD.
  • Complete on-the-job training
  • Attend any landlord workshops or conference events
  • Tune in to property management-related webinars

All of the above (except the online library subjects) need to be manually added to your CPD log via the drop down facility when you log in to your profile and go to ‘My CPD'.

What are the benefits of becoming an NLA Accredited landlord?

The NLA promotes and provides accreditation because we believe it's the best way for us to prove landlords can self-regulate. By demonstrating awareness of our responsibilities and legislation, we can prove that we do not require further legislation in the private rented sector.

Other benefits:

  • Be eligible for discounts on selective, additional and mandatory property licensing
  • Be part of a scheme that all landlords, tenants, and councils can recognise
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Promote your service as a professional landlord
  • Use of the NLA logo - available by contacting
  • Display your accredited status
  • Choose to appear on our online member register as an NLA Accredited landlord

The more accredited landlords we have, the louder our voice will be in gaining greater benefits for accredited landlords. .

Is NLA Accreditation recognised by my local authority?

The NLA work with numerous councils across the UK that are assisting us in delivering a national approach to accreditation.

Many councils offer incentives to accredited landlords, due to the benefits of NLA Accreditation recognition for local authorities.

Since the launch of the National Register of Accredited Landlords, tenants and council officers can now check whether a landlord is “accredited”, no matter which scheme they belong to.

The National Register of Accredited Landlords is free to use and accessible to all, (including prospective tenants) so we strongly encourage the inclusion of your name of the register.

Can I have more than one CPD log on the library?

The CPD log can only be used to record one person's activity. Whilst the library is also used as a reference tool and more than one person may access it for this, for the purposes of NLA Accreditation the CPD log can only record one person's accreditation details.

Multiple Account Control

Your linked accounts can also become accredited with us! If your membership level with us is either Family or Business, then you can create additional membership accounts at no additional cost.

If you hold a Family membership with us, then you may want to add your partner or others to your membership. Family membership will allow you to add up to 2 additional users.

If you hold a Business membership, then you may want to add your employees or others to your membership. Business membership will allow you to add up to 4 additional users to the membership.

As the main account holder, only you can control adding and deleting additional accounts.

Find out more about Multiple Account Control.