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Local Representation

The NLA's network of Representatives act as direct liaison between the NLA, local authorities and landlords at a local level.

The Representatives take an active part in local consultations, meetings and events, and regularly participate in landlord forums and networking events.

The quickest way to find your nearest Representative and/or local meeting is by clicking on the relevant Country or English Region on the right hand side of this page.

To find Local Suppliers use the 'Select my Area' drop down box below.


Join us on a course, as we take you through the laws, regulation and liabilities of a landlord business. Whether you are a new or experienced landlord, NLA courses help develop your professional skills and show you everything you need to know from start to finish of a tenancy.

Our team of trainers help maximise your return on investments, strengthen your business and clarify what your obligations and responsibilities are as a landlord, whether you self-manage or use a letting agent. Courses offer thought-provoking discussions, a chance for networking, real life stories and practical advice.

Courses include:

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NLA Meetings

When you join the NLA, you're instantly connected to our Knowledge Network - a wealth of business and legal information, professional expertise, networking opportunities and local representatives. Our vibrant, interactive community is always switched on, with well-attended NLA meetings happening every week somewhere across the UK.

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