Hi, in the case where there is a unmarried couple with a 19 year old son - who exactly is the Tenant here for the purposes of the Tenancy Agreement. The woman has advised she would take a tenancy agreement in her sole name. Should this not at very least be a 'joint' tenancy agreement with her and her partner and her son as a named occupant? Appreciate a steer on this?

By the way, I should have added that she works full-time in a professional role but he doesn't have a job (yet) as the pair have relocated to the area from 250 miles away. She has transferred / relocated with the same employer.

You anyway have to ensure "Right to rent" checks for all occupants over 18, regardless of them being named as tenant or not.

I always prefer more named tenants as then there are more people to sue if rent, inexplicably, fails to be paid. As long as one person pays it all off/you can recover the ££££ from at least 1 person, fine..

All three should be named on the Tenancy as Tenants and be Right to Rent checked too. I hope that you're carrying out referencing on her at least??? Is the son working?