Welcome to the National Landlords Association.

We are now the leading and most influential representative body for private-residential landlords in the UK.

We are committed to supporting our members by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to deal with all landlord related matters.As a member you will have access to a range of benefits and services to help you with most aspects of property letting and tenancy management and an open invitation to attend any of the UK wide landlord meetings.

If there’s anything you would like to see improved, please let us know.

I am a member and have received my pack, but would like to use the NLA logo on my website... can i do this and how do I get it in a suitable format please?
Jackie Fitzgerald

Hi Jackie,

Welcome to the NLA. Please contact the membership department on 0207 840 8900. They will send you a form to fill in.

As a FAMILY or BUSINESS member you can add additional people to your membership and they can then share most of the membership features and services which are available to you.

To add somebody, login using your membership number and security code and click on "My Profile" in the top right hand corner of the page. On the page that is then displayed click on "Multiple Account Control" on the left hand menu.

There is some more info here

Hello ,

I have just joined the NLA for 3 years and paid the subscription etc but i can't get access to the NLA rent manager which is a tad annoying as that was one of the main reasons for me joining and what i was planning on doing today (filling in all the information).

Any ideas ?

Its bank holiday so i am guessing this will not get sorted out until Tuesday :-(

Im not off to a good start .


Hi Paul, I joined just last week for exactly the same reason. Disappointing to see that you had this issue in 2015 and in over two years it doesn't seem to be rectified. Did you get a response from anyone?

When I click on the NLA Rent Manager link it directs me to NLA Vision which is only six months free then has to be subscribed to as opposed to the completely free Rent Manager software advertised.

The other main reason I joined was the helpline and I'm yet to get through to anyone. Like you say, not a good start!!

Kind Regards

Hi Tracy, 

Unfortunately NLA Rent Manager is no longer available as the software has been discontinued. 

Following this, NLA Landlord Vision was introduced as it provides our members with a superior offering. While only the first six-months are free, NLA members get a 15% discount on the paid plans thereafter.

If you send through your membership number to I can also arrange for someone from the advice line to give you a call.