Been a landlord 11 years but never had to go this far!
I've got a S**tbag tenant in a multi let, who almost as soon as he moved in, started stealing food from others on a regular basis. Aside from that, he admitted to me when confronted that he was smoking grass in the property. He didnt make rental payment in full at beginning of sept. At this stage, two of the long-standing, perfect tenants wanted to terminate their tenancys. Convinced them not to, said i would eradicate the problem. At about the same time, he told me that he had C and was going to start going through Chemo. To this date, not sure if this is genuine or not, but would like to think that no one would lie about such an awful illness.
So, sect 21 served with the correct 2 months notice, he was due to leave yesterday 12/11/17. He spoke to to me a few days before, saying he'd lost the thing the Council sent him (which was actually a Sect 21 from me). I sent him 2 copies, standard and recorded delivery. I then, on request, sent him a PDF via wattsapp as he was at the council trying to get housed. He'd promised to repay rent a few times, now, at the end of this month, will owe me in excess of 1k. As far as i know, he is on half pay sick pay, told me he works for an Estate agent but might be even more BS. Spoke to him yesterday, he informed me that the local council had told him to stay put past the Sect 21 expiry so that he doesn't make himself homeless. he did however tell me that they also informed him that if he left the property to go to the shops etc, and i just happened to change the locks, he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. My questions are, if anyone can shed light please:_

1. Possession Order. Assuming i write off the 1k he owes me (i dont feel that i'm likely to ever see this) and go down the route of an accelerated possession order, would you recommend going via Gov.Uk portal or paying extra for a Solicitor?
2. If i went standard, would it be much slower than accerleated in anyones experiences?
3. I have a gut feeling that the Courts might get an appeal from him, citing his illness, if, indeed, it is genuine. If this happens and the courts go in his favour as he cannot m,ove due to sickness, where the hell do i stand with a sick tenant who is never going to pay me. Am i stuck with him forever?? not a promising situation, hence why i'm bloody clueless

Thanks in advance