Hi All, this is my first post, so please allow me some tolerance if this is a reoccurring topic (I didn't find any older posts in the general, site-wide search).

Our family business owns and manages a number of properties where we are in a endless loop of cleaning and decorating. The majority of our tenants are students, which allows us a small windows of time over the summer to decorate bedrooms (the communal spaces can be tackled). Whilst it's fairly quick to paint walls and ceilings, to bring the wood-work up to scratch is a time consuming process if we are using traditional oil based gloss, less so if we used the water based gloss - but we find with the water based gloss, the finish does not last anywhere near as the oil-based.

So, looking at alternatives, I've seen a few sites that are selling PVC-U skirting and architrave that seem, at a quick-glance, to be quite an appealing long-term solution to glossing wood work.

Does anyone here have any experience with using PVC-U as replacement woodwork and how well is it working out?

Thanks, Adam.