Today we received a complaint from our block management company that our neighbour (in the below flat) has complained about our tenants - noise issue - saying loud music at 2-3.00 am and shouting. We are suspicious he is being difficult. There is a history to this flat...

We recently rented out our 2 bed flat to a new tenant (4 weeks ago). She is a teacher with teenage daughter(s). One is at university and the other lives with her. Our flat is in a 1920s L-Shaped block of 24 flats. My flat is on the 1st floor. The complaining neighbour lives below my tenants and has complained of noise (as mentioned above).

This is the 3rd tenant we have had in our flat over the past 10 years. On each occasion our neighbour below has complained of noise. Each of our tenants has moved out because they are fed-up with him being what they feel is unreasonable given they too can hear him and other people around them. They accepted it is a poorly sound-proofed/insulated block.

Our First Tenant: she had a barking dog - we asked her to get rid of dog - she left altogether as found below neighbour difficult to deal with but we understood barking dog not good. We understand they exchanged a few heated words and he complained. He asked her to get rid of the dog - she left.

2nd Tenant**: She lived in the flat for nearly 7 years and towards the last year of her tenancy she had problems with neighbour below complaining of TV loud and her 2 kids (toddler and infant schooler). He even rang her in the middle of the night (2.00 am ish) to complain he could hear her (very young) child crying (young babies will do that!). She too left because she had had enough of the neighbour below complaining and she felt he was being unreasonable. We had phone call from her really distressed. She too could also hear hisTV, playing guitar, closing doors and flushing the loo in the night, but had accepted this was an old property and understood that she could hear her neighbours. She too felt he was being unreasonable/unrealistic as living in an old block of flats. They had been friends but he became unreasonable - she felt she was just living normally.

3rd and newest tenant (of only 4 weeks): neighbour below is complaining of loud music from my tenants flat above, at 2-3.00 am in the morning and hearing shouting. My tenant is a teacher with a teenager who is a geek swot. I am this evening calling her regarding this complaint. It will be interesting to hear if she says there is no way she would allow music being played in her flat at 2/3 am. Let's see what she says.

My husband and I are of the view we are dealing with a difficult, precious and sensitive neighbour below. He does not work (he is not a pensioner) and is home a lot of course. Each tenant so far has had enough of him and moved out because of him. I am wondering do we have a case of harassment from him now? I will see what my tenant says after we advise her there has been a noise complaint.

We think he wants an unrealistic level of quiet that is not achievable in this flat. We are fearful he will always end up disturbing our tenants so that we have no choice but too sell up.

Alsom during our 2nd tenancy** we did get soundproofing quotes and they came in at £5k (circa) but we were told that if it's the guy below who is complaining, he would be better off getting sound insulation done to his ceiling, rather than us put it in to our floors. I might add that the neighbours above and to the sides of our tenants have never complained. It's just this same neighbour below who complains.

Our (complaining) neighbour did say (early last year) that he didn't have much money but could we look at sound-proofing. We got 2 quotes done but many months passed without hearing anything more so felt it had all died down. My 2nd tenant moved out 3 months ago and the flat stood empty for a couple of months whilst we had it decorated etc. So the complaining neighbour below has been without tenants above him for a few months. Now my new tenant has moved in.

We also recently even laid thicker carpet and thicker underlay in the hope this would help.

I am looking for advice on how to deal with this situation now. We don't want our new (very nice) tenants, at the very beginning of their tenancy, to feel uncomfortable or consider leaving! It will be yet again another tenant who leaves because of him.

What can I do please? Any solicitors reading this post can advise?

I have put a call out to the local council's Environmental Health unit who are due to call me back. I wish to log with them a potential nuisance neighbour.

I really don't know what to do? I look forward to your assistance.

Thank you.

Just spoke to my tenant re the noise complaint: it transpires that her daughter (who suffers from PTSD) had a melt-down last night about 2.00 am. But this was managed at the time and she was calmed down and off to bed they eventually went. This daughter has now gone back to university.
I feel that if this was a regular occurence then maybe ok to complain - but since it hadn't happened before our tenant feels he's being unreasonably reactive.

It appears therefore we may may have a neighbour who is a little "reactionary" and over sensitive.

My tenant also just told me that she was at home after work (shortly after she had first moved in 3 wish weeks ago) and was hoovering (it was 7.00 pm). She had a bit of Barbara Streisand on! The moment the music went on the complaining neighbour below apparently (flew up) the stairs to complain about the noise. He said would she mind turning it down, she replied well actually I do mind, I'm just hoovering and listening to a bit of music whilst I'm hoovering and will turn it down after I've finished. My tenant feels the neighbour below is a bit of a whinger and a bit quick to react. As for his complaining that music is being played at 2-3.00 am in the morning - she has said that has never happened. She did say that she had Radio 4 on whilst going to sleep (on her phone) and had it on the floor (it's thick carpeted and thick underlay) - she said she would place a book underneath it until she gets a side table. However, her bedroom is the spare bedroom, and the complaining neighbour does not sleep below this room!

So a little bit of a delicate situation. The complaining neighbour seems to be "quick" to react and over-sensitive. We suspect he will still continue to complain even if she and her family are making "normal" and "reasonable" noise for an old block.

Our tenant was very conscious of not being a noise polluter and is conscious that her daughter did make noise last night due to her melt-down nightmare. I think the below neighbour was a little to trigger happy with his complaint.
I have spoken to my tenant now, so let's hope things calm down. However, she is entitled to live normally without harassment from an over-sensitive reactionary neighbour - so will keep our eye on this. However, I still welcome your views and assistance if his complaining doesn't go away.

What do you think?