I have a property fully managed by estate agent. I am not renewing the AST to Tenants because of continued failure to pay rent. The Estate agents have issued a Form 6A notice form. They have been given 2 and half months notice.
If they fail to move out after the date AST expires, can I enter the next day and change the locks? And can I keep the damage deposit as part payment of missing rent owed?
Any advice at this stage would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

You can (as in I CAN drive down m4 at 137mph: But may not..)

If you enter next door and change locks that would be illegal eviction, a criminal offence.

Suggest you read s5(1) of Housing Act 1988.

Are you sure the notice was valid? Many s21 notices are not.

For tenants not paying rent also issue s8. An s8g10 can be issued if only 1p is underpaid for only 1 day: Make sure council know so they don;t waste help & council housing on this scr)at...

You need to start court proceedings on expiry of valid notice.

Unfortunately no, they are refusing to go,
They have been issued with form 6a by Estate agents in January.
The AST expires today, but they will not leave.
I am now researching procedures through google and this site.
Tomorow I will arrange to see a solicitor ,who will hopefully see process all the way through to eviction.
Unfortunately my estate agent is a relative of tenant, and so there is a conflict of interest which was not declared to me when they moved in.
I have found out a few things.,..I,e they do still need to pay the rent. They are within their right to stay until repossession , advised by council!
I have about 50 questions though. Do I have to still maintain property and fix anything that breaks down? Can the Estate agent still deduct their monthly fee even though AST has ended?
I understand I can change the locks but cannot refuse tenants access, does that mean I can tell tenants to ring me and I will let them in and then lock door etc? Inconvenient for me but OMG the satisfaction would be worth it.
Can they stay because of ill health? Does it take any priority? (Doesn't stop him drinking, driving, working etc)
The whole thing is a minefield.

Many questions around gaining possession, but as well around the undeclared conflict of interest with your agent. Suggest you ring the NLA advice line to address

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