I have issued a tenant with a section 21 notice. They are perfectly good tenants but the property is in a state of disrepair and needs refurbishment. I have looked at options to keep the tenants in the property during the refurbishment but it will disturb them too much not only noise but amenities too, so in order to do the works, I must regain possession of the property.

What is the difference in procedure when issuing a section 21 notice to tenants on benefits? Does anyone know what issues I could face in order to get out ahead of the problems?

I would start by discussing with your tenants. If as you say, they are good tenants, I would be seeking to keep them and work around them (in the same way home-owners usually stay put during works). That way, your tenant gets to stay where they presumably want to be, and your rent continues to be paid so any additional work (a temporary kitchen facility in a different room for example) can be afforded. If the scale of the work puts them off and they therefore want to move, that will be easier if they are actually in agreement. S21 procedure shouldn't be any different. I have done reasonable size refurbs with tenants in situ, and when involved in the choice of worktops, tiles etc. have been willing to facilitate, as they have a better home at the end (and tend to stay with me for even longer)