We are new landlords and our tenants had a 6 month AST which then became periodic. We told them we would not give another AST as they had to be prompted for rent every month, some months they have been 1 whole month behind... but never 2.
We have given them chance after chance but they have paid late 11/12 months. We saw them in August and told them to find alternative accommodation but not in writing. We gave them 1 clear months notice on 31 Oct, to leave 1st Dec they have now said they will not leave. They have of course been told to stay put by citizens advice.
Have we given them enough notice for a possession order or do we need to do this again as I am unclear whether it is 2 months of 1 clear month?
They are now in £1350 arrears as they have not paid Oct, Nov and some of Sept and they won't now as we have asked them to leave.
Help please.
Which is the best and quickest way to get them out?