Hi, my tenants had a problem with the dishwasher (developed a fault) so I decided to replace it with a new one as it was quite old, opting for supply and fit by a reputable store. The problem is when the fitter had done the job he said that it was on the same circuit as the cooker and this was illegal, dangerous and that if he had known he would not have fitted it. He also told my tenants they and I would not be covered now by insurance to the property or contents. My tenants were naturally very alarmed, as am I. I had the property electrically tested prior to letting it when I bought it three years ago and nothing came up about that at all. They have no problems with tripping switches on the fuse board and up until now there have been no problems at all. Can anyone please advise my best course of action on this? Thank you.

It is true that you should not have another item on a cooker circuit, that is if it is feeding a electric hob. But the way its wired can not be confirmed unless the circuit is checked out.

I am a NICICE electrician as well as a land lord. If need further information let me know and I will help you out.

I would get back to the electrician that did the check for you 3 years ago. Concerning he didn't pick this up during his inspection. I had a pre-purchase inspection of 2 flats undertaken & he failed to spot that only 1 had meters. I subsequently found out one tenant "gave some money" each quarter towards the bill! The electrician was embarrassed to have missed this, put it right at his own expense and has given great service ever since. (We all make mistakes, it is how they are dealt with that matters). Do get it sorted so the cooker is stand alone, however you go about it. (Not too impressed that the diswasher installer knew it was wrong but was content to leave it like that!)