I recently obtained possession through the Courts against my tenant who lost her leave to remain (and lost her housing benefit as a result). The Council's advice to her was not to leave the property until the bailiffs arrive at the door, otherwise she is not "involuntary homeless". This appears to their usual advice to tenants whether they are paying rent or not. If they leave before this date they will not get re-housed.

We believe this advice goes against the orders of the Court and surely must be illegal. The time between Court orders and bailiffs turning up is often over 3 months but is a minimum of 6 weeks, costing Landlords unnecessarily.

Does anyone know of Councils where this is NOT standard practise and why? Are there any campaigns to get this practise changed?

I'm in a similar position where the Council told the tenant not to leave the property despite a s21 notice being given. What the Council were not made aware of initially is that the reason why possession was being sought is due to her being in breach of the tenancy agreement due to having a dog. The tenancy agreement says no dogs. What would the Councils view have been f they were aware of the breach of tenancy agreement. Is this becoming "intentionally homeless"?