Let us Know What You Think

Making a complaint

We're sorry if you haven't received the service you expected. By telling us about it we can put things right for you and make improvements. To register a complaint, please complete the Complaints Form (found below) and email it to us at complaints@landlords.org.uk. Alternatively please send the completed form to:

National Landlords Association
Skyline House
2nd Floor
200 Union Street

What we’ll do about your complaint

We'll do everything we can to respond and resolve your complaint promptly. You will receive acknowledgement from a member of staff within 2 working days.

Generally we will need to investigate the complaint and contact the service in question directly; this will usually require further information from you regarding your experience with the service.

Leaving feedback

If you do not have a complaint but wish to leave us a compliment about one of our services you have used please contact us on 0207 840 8937 or email services@landlords.org.uk. At the NLA we are constantly striving to improve all aspects of the service we offer our members and any feedback we receive is appreciated and will help us with this.

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