Would you like to unravel the mysteries of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and gain potential tax savings? CGT refers to the tax you pay on the profit of selling an asset, which can lead to significant costs. This comprehensive one-day course is designed to help you focus on putting a long-term plan in place to make the most of your investments.

Using case-studies and practical examples, you will learn to sift through the jargon and understand the implications on your own portfolio.

This landlord training course will provide you with a full understanding of the continually changing Government implications on Mortgage Interest Relief, Capital Gains Tax, and fair wear-and-tear allowances.

Our expert team will:

  • Guide you through the basic concepts of CGT
  • Clear up capital gains tax misconceptions
  • Show you what pathways are available to assist with a reduction your tax bill. •
  • Teach you how to make the most of your capital gains investments.
  • Help you understand the implications of CGT and show you how to apply those on your own portfolio
  • Help you save money on instructing accountants and tax experts

We help you gain a clear understanding of the theory involved, and then proceed to practical learning, with clear demonstrations and working examples using figures and calculations.

Our trainers will help you make an informed decision, which can also help save you potentially significant fees using an accountant or tax expert.

Course content:

  • Principles of Capital Gains Tax
  • Income tax rates
  • Capital Gains Tax for rented properties
  • Jargon and phrases
  • Worked examples with basic formula
  • Tax and investment strategies

*Please note it is advisable to bring a calculator when attending this landlord training session*

* Please note we are currently refreshing our CGT course. We will soon have our refreshed course published around mid Autumn. We urge you to please keep checking our courses page and calendar when they are available to book. Thank you.