The NLA accreditation scheme accredits responsible and professional landlords.

Before a landlord can become accredited, they must not only complete a foundation course but also sign up to our code of practice and scheme rules.

Our code of practice (download here) specifies that landlords are "fit and proper persons" and act in a "fair honest and reasonable way" with tenants at all times. It also states that landlords should adhere to certain guidelines for example:

  • To protect your deposit
  • To give you 24 hours notice regarding access to property
  • To provide all tenants with an agreement
  • Wherever possible urgent repairs to be dealt with within 3 working days.

In addition to the code of practice, an Accredited Landlord signs and adheres to the scheme rules document (download here) as well as setting out what development standards a landlord must adhere to, it also advises the accredited landlord of how the NLA will deal with a complaint about them.  

For further information please see our full complaint process here:

Is your landlord a member of NLA?

All NLA members have a membership number and a membership identity card.

Our online register of members will allow you to verify that the landlord is a member of the NLA. If the member is validated you will see the details of the date they joined and the NLA Member Logo.

Our register of members will also show whether or not the landlord is accredited with the NLA.