Why choose NLA Accreditation?

Landlord accreditation is becoming increasingly important to landlords, tenants and you as a Local Authority.  The NLA provides a central, nationally recognised accreditation scheme offering a UK-wide banner for responsible landlords to promote their services. 

It costs nothing to work with us on NLA accreditation as we look after all of the administration including course bookings, provision of trainers as well as handling all enquiries about the scheme.  Once a landlord has completed the course to become accredited we are able to share some details with you that is set out in the NLA scheme rules document.  

NLA Accreditation is designed to act as a standalone model of accreditation.  We believe as an organisation that landlords like all other professionals should be accredited on what they know about the sector.  We recognise the commitment to best practise and a professional standard of management that accredited landlords can operate across their stock along with the skills of people management.  However, it can also work well next to an inspection based element which some Local Authorities chose to do.  In these cases it is essential that the NLA and the council work closely together to ensure landlords in the relevant areas are aware of the two aspects to the scheme. 

NLA Accreditation can be facilitated in your area.

The advantages of NLA Accreditation to Local Authorities are:

  • The NLA charges no fee to participating Local Authorities for accreditation
  • Increases the supply of good quality accommodation in the area
  • Accreditation fosters better relationships between landlords and tenants
  • Our robust complaints facility reduces the need for local authority intervention
  • Reduces the need for enforcement with our education to meet agreed standards
  • Establishes a national scheme controlled at local level 
  • Prevention of rogue operators moving areas with shared information 

We are happy to hear from any local authority who would like to work with us on delivering accreditation in their area. If you would like to speak to someone please contact our Landlord Development & Accreditation Manager at renee.young@landlords.org.uk or by phone on 0207 840 8905.

Are the landlords you're dealing with members of the NLA?

All NLA members have a membership number and a membership identity card.

Our online register of members will allow you to verify that the landlord is a member of the NLA. 

Our register of members and National Register of Accredited Landlords will also show if the landlord has achieved the NLA's Accredited Landlord status and additional achievements with any of the other major accreditation schemes (more info).