For Landlords

Accreditation is an excellent way for responsible landlords to improve their knowledge of the sector as well as demonstrating to tenants and others that you are a professional landlord.

NLA Accreditation is based on the completion foundation course and subsequent continued professional development (CPD). As a member of NLA you can complete the course online for free via our landlord library. Alternatively you can choose to complete the course via our one day attendance based course.

The cost of attendance is offered to members at a substantial discounted rate. To find out more about our courses click here: attendance based courses

If you choose NLA Accreditation via our FREE for members online route, by completing all the subjects marked as CORE (in red) you will need to print off, read and sign the scheme rules (download here). By signing this document, you are agreeing to keep your professional development (CPD) up to date.

This form can then be scanned & e-mailed back to or mailed to us at NLA Accreditation, 2nd Floor, Skyline House, 200 Union Street, London SE1 0LX. 

What if you are already accredited in another development based scheme?

The NLA Accreditation Scheme will "passport" landlords who have already completed other development accreditation schemes valid within the last five years . To utilise the passport function simply print off, read and sign the scheme rules document (download here) and return it to us either via scanned and e-mailed or via post . Please also ensure that you include a copy of your current accreditation certificate to

Don't forget that the NLA online library can also be used to maintain your accredited status with other development based providers where you can download and send your CPD details, all conveniently held in one central location, to your accreditation provider.  You can simply add CPD or complete further modules on the NLA online library.  They will then convert whatever hours you have accrued to their points based system on a like for like basis.

Multiple Account Control

Now your linked accounts can also become accredited with us!

If your membership level with us is either FAMILY or BUSINESS then you can create some additional membership accounts at no additional cost.

If you hold FAMILY membership with us then you may want to add your partner or others to your membership. FAMILY membership will allow you to add up to TWO additional users to the membership which you as the main account holder pay for.

If you hold BUSINESS membership then you may want to add your employees or others to your membership. BUSINESS membership will allow you to add up to FOUR additional users to the membership which you as the main account holder pay for.

As the main account holder only you can control adding and deleting the additional accounts.

For more information click here.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

As an accredited landlord you are required to keep your accredited status up to date by demonstrating that you have continued your professional development.  CPD is measured in hours.  Once you have completed the foundation course or passported your accreditation you are awarded 8 hours of CPD, meaning in the first twelve months you only need to attain another two hours of CPD.  For every other twelve months that you are accredited you need to demonstrate 10 hours of CPD.  This requirement is measured every twelve months of your accredited status.  For example, if you become accredited on January 1st 2013, your record will be checked automatically on the 1st January 2014.  If there has been no CPD or there is not sufficient CPD has been added your accreditation will expire. 

CPD can be kept updated by completing modules on the online library, any subjects that you complete are automatically recorded on your own unique "CPD profile" as long as you are logged in to the website . You can also use this CPD profile to add any attendance based events such as NLA branch meetings etc.

More detailed information is available on the library home page

Invite your tenants to verify that you are an NLA member!

Our online register of members will allow others to verify that you are a member of the NLA.