It is our objective that NLA Accreditation will prevent complaints between landlords and tenants. However, sometimes things do go wrong.

If you think that your NLA Accredited landlord has not abided by our scheme rules or code of conduct, the first thing to do is to let them know and talk the problem through.

If you have already done this, then we would strongly recommend that you write them a letter sent via recorded delivery to ensure that they do get it. It is a good idea to keep a written record of when you have spoken to your landlord about the matter.

If you have done this, and still not received satisfactory resolution to the problem you can e-mail us and complain.

Please also include any documentary evidence, such as times you have spoken with your landlord, proof of correspondence as well as your landlord’s full name. We will also require the full property address that your complaint relates to.

What will the NLA do in the event of receiving a complaint about an NLA Accredited Landlord?

  • We will contact your landlord and advise them that a complaint has been received
  • We will give them seven days in which to respond and rectify the matter.
  • If your complaint refers to issues that affect your ability to stay in the property (i.e. central heating) your landlord is legally obliged to rectify these matters urgently and you should also report this to your local authority.
  • As soon as we have spoken to the landlord, or once the seven days has lapsed we will contact you with an update.

What if my complaint is still not resolved?

There are a number of implications all of which relate to the nature of the complaint.  We may recommend that you report your landlord to the local authority. The NLA can suspend a landlord from the scheme until the matter is resolved. Another alternative is the recommendation that they do further development based courses that relate to the nature of the complaint. Whilst our scheme seeks to prevent complaints by offering better knowledge of legislation and regulation, the NLA is not a regulatory body. We will always seek to get the matter resolved swiftly and fairly.

Independent dispute resolution

If your landlord has not taken the necessary steps to resolve the matter and we think you have a valid complaint, we can recommend that your case is passed to an Independent adjudicator. All of our accredited landlords are aware of this process as it is detailed in the scheme rules. By signing a self declaration at application stage, landlords agree to adhere to the recommendations of the adjudication process or face being removed from the scheme. As a tenant in order to take this route with a third party adjudicator, you would also need to sign a declaration highlighting your agreement that the adjudicator’s decision is binding.

For further information please read our complaints process carefully

If you believe your landlord has breached our code of practice or scheme rules please see our full complaint process here: or contact