About NLA Accreditation

The NLA has always supported accreditation schemes throughout the UK.

However, our members communicated that there is no central nationally recognised scheme that landlords utilise. As a result we piloted a scheme based on our core foundations of landlord development, the code of practice as well as a complaints process.

Our aim is to make the scheme open to all landlords. If you are already a member accreditation is free by doing the foundation course on the NLA's Online Library. If you prefer to do the course in attendance there is a charge.

If you are not an NLA member, you can chose to join the NLA as a whole or if you prefer just to become accredited.

The price in either case is our annual subscription fee of £89 (incl £14 joining fee) and therefore it is clearly more advantageous to join the NLA as a full member so that you are able to benefit from all the other services that we can provide.