Landlords and agents are two sides of the same coin

The National Landlords Association is proud to be partnered with the UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA). 

Providing landlords with links to letting agents is essential as almost two thirds of landlords describe letting agents as either "important" or "very important" to the running of their business.

All UKALA members have Client Money Protection and have passed rigorous safeguards in order to qualify for membership.  This includes confirmation of a segregated client money account, confirmation that their client money handling processes are in order, and proof of a minimum level of Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Members are also required to abide by the UKALA Scheme Rules and Code of Practice, thus providing an assurance of quality of service and financial peace of mind to landlords and tenants.

Although the NLA and UKALA remain two separate organisations, they share the same values of fairness, transparency, professionalism and responsibility in business relationships between landlords, agents and tenants.  Furthermore, both associations aim to improve standards in the private-rented sector by providing advice and guidance through the products and services they offer.

Carolyn Uphill, former Chairman, National Landlords Association, commented on the partnership between the NLA AND UKALA:

"This is an excellent opportunity to create a more unified voice for landlords, tenants and letting agents across the private-rented sector and this mutually beneficial business agreement will benefit both as we strive for higher standards of practice."

The NLA believes that UKALA members are well placed to meet the needs of landlords.  Search here for a UKALA agent in your area.