Dietmar Walter


As a member of the NLA and an Accredited Landlord, Dietmar Walter has experienced first-hand how the NLA successfully supports landlords and helps them to run a sustainable and successful business. He hopes to bring his extensive knowledge of digital data analytics and social media to help the NLA create further value to its members and stakeholders.

Dietmar shares the NLA’s views that being a landlord is running a legitimate business and not merely a passive investment in property. As well as managing a property portfolio in Berkshire, Dietmar has extensive experience in running IT, digital data analytics, and market research, companies.

Until recently he was CEO of Commetrics Ltd, a media analytics and software company, and before that was Vice President International of GMI Inc. (UK), a digital marketing analytics and technology company. Dietmar hopes to contribute to the NLA’s digital development efforts to increase NLA Members’ satisfaction, revenue and operating efficiency.

Dietmar also has extensive knowledge of the workings and uses of social media, and sees opportunities for the NLA to explore an increasing role for social media to keep landlords informed and encourage them to become NLA- Accredited. He believes that social media can also be used effectively in influencing regulators and government. Dietmar grew up in South Tyrol, a small German-speaking ethnic minority in Italy. He lived and worked in several countries before moving to the UK 17 years ago.