NLA Annual Report 2008

It has been another busy year for the National Landlords Association. I think it's fair to say that is how we like it. When you are a growing organisation, change and challenge is something you should embrace. We realise that it is only by keeping up with events and developments, be they in government, the financial world or IT, that the NLA is able to realise its potential as the leading representative body for landlords in the United Kingdom. By pursuing our policy of presenting ourselves as a professional and coherent organisation which speaks with authority for private landlords throughout the country, we believe we best serve the interests of our members and, hopefully, those of the wider private-rented sector.

That we are now truly national was exemplified earlier in the year with a very successful reception at the Scottish Parliament. Simultaneously, we continue to establish ourselves with the Welsh Assembly Government which, as we are the most readily available voice to landlords in Wales, is particularly important. In Northern Ireland we are moving forward to increase our profile and presence. At the same time we place great importance on our links with the Greater London Authority, with its component parts, the Mayor of London and the Greater London Assembly. Here we are already building a presence which will come more to the fore as new housing policies are developed. Finally, we do not overlook the European level. The NLA is playing an increasingly important role as the UK member of the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI). As more legislation affecting the private-rented sector emanates from the European Union, we need to ensure that we play a full part in this international forum in influencing polices that take proper account of the interests of landlords.