Vision, Values & Objectives

NLA Values, Vision, Mission and Objectives

The NLA is the UK’s largest association for private-residential landlords. We work with full-time landlords with large property portfolios to those with just a single letting.

We help landlords understand their rights and live up to their responsibilities, and we speak up on their behalf in public debate, because we believe that people should be able to contribute to society by providing homes for rent.  We understand that not everyone wants – or is able – to own where they live, but everyone needs a home.

Our values 

We believe:

  • The private rented sector (PRS) works best when there is a fair balance between landlords, agents and tenants
  • Properties and tenancies should be properly managed
  • Landlords should commit to professional standards
  • In education, learning and support to improve standards
  • Bad practice and criminality should not be tolerated
  • Landlords should be recognised as legitimate businesses
  • The free market should be allowed to operate freely
  • Regulation should set boundaries and expectations, but not impose unreasonable burdens

Our vision

A sustainable and balanced PRS that works for landlords, agents and tenants.

Our mission

To campaign for a fair and sustainable PRS that works for everyone and to help landlords make a success of their lettings business by supporting them at every stage.

Our objectives

To promote sustainable tenancies and encourage fair and flexible renting for everyone by educating landlords about best practice and their statutory rights and responsibilities.


To lobby in the interests of landlords and the wider PRS by providing a voice and a face that is heard and seen by politicians, the media and the public both nationally and locally


To facilitate the growth of a sustainable PRS that works for everyone, through recognition of the PRS as a legitimate business environment


To endorse landlord professionalism and improve standards of property management by aiming to have all NLA members accredited by 2020